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Сборник "The anthology"

Сборник "The anthology"
Композитор (автор материала): Sting,
Автор текста:
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1. Can`t stand losing you
2. So lonely
3. Roxanne
4. Message in a bottle
5. Walking on the moon
6. Don`t stand so close to me
7. Bring on the night
8. Driven to tears
9. Invisible sun
10. Every little thing she does is magic
11. Spirits in the material word
12. Cynchrinicity II
13. Every breath you take
14. Wrapped around your finger
15. If you love somebody, set them free
16. Russians
17. Love is the seventh wave
18. Shadows in the rain
19. We work the black seam
20. Consider me one
21. Moon over Bourbon street
22. Fortress around your heart
23. We`ll be together
24. Rock steady
25. Fragile
26. History will teach us nothing
27. An englishman in New York
28. They dance alone
29. Why should I cry for you?
30. Island of souls
31. All this time
32. Mad about you
33. When the angels fall
34. The soul cages

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