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Сборник "Дисней на фортепиано" (Disney al pianoforte)

Сборник "Дисней на фортепиано"Disney al pianoforte
Композитор (автор материала): Франко, Кончина
Автор текста:
Это произведение является частью
  1. A dream is a wish your heart makes,
  2. A spoonful of sugar,
  3. A whole new world,
  4. Be our guest,
  5. Beauty and the beast,
  6. Bella Notte,
  7. Bibbidi babbidi boo / The Magic Song,
  8. Circle of life,
  9. Can you feel the love tonight,
  10. Chim chim cher-ee,
  11. Colors of the wind,
  12. Duck tales theme,
  13. Ev'ry body wants to be a cat,
  14. Finding Nemo,
  15. Go the Distance,
  16. Cruella de Vil,
  17. Hakuna Matata,
  18. Heigh - ho!,
  19. I just can't wait to be king,
  20. I won't say (I'm in love),
  21. If I never knew you,
  22. Part of your world,
  23. It's a small world,
  24. Love is a song
  25. Mickey Mouse march
  26. My funny friend and me
  27. No way out
  28. Once upon a dream
  29. Reflection
  30. So this is love
  31. Someday
  32. Some day my prince will come
  33. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  34. Scales and arpeggios
  35. The bare necessities
  36. The work song
  37. Under the sea.
  38. When you wish upon a star
  39. Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
  40. You'll be in my heart.
Ноты и книги 1
для фортепиано
Фортепианная литература
Для инструментов: ФОРТЕПИАНО

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